Collegiate Crest New Era

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Collegiate Crest New Era

SJA x Miller's Meats

Aligning and elevating the Secret Journey of others, and shining a light on their pursuit of happiness to help inspire others. Get your hands on our latest collaboration wtih Miller's Meats.
SJA x Miller's Meats

Cobble Magazine

Cobble started with the idea that Winnipeg is known by many, but understood by few - it is an anomaly.
We are driven to be an advocate of coming from the ‘no coast’ while documenting what we have to offer in terms
of art, music, and our fluid culture. In heightening our own local experience and understanding, we ultimately wish
to show the rest of the country, and those abroad, what our community has to offer. At the same time,
strengthening our own knowledge of what it means to come from the centre of Canada and North America.
This is Winnipeg.

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